Ten Popular Undergraduate Dissertation Topics On Communications

Deciding on the right topic for this particular assignment is very important. Every student knows what it could mean to their education. They are given plenty of time to complete the work. Those who need to do this work know it can decide how they graduate. Those who have higher goals know it decides how they move on in their education. There are certain things a student should think about in this matter. They need to know they have access to plenty of research material. Here are ten popular undergraduate dissertation topics on communications.

  1. Hearing translators in the world of music-what type of personality does it take to perform? There is a lifestyle that goes with knowing and performing the work.
  2. Hearing and dealing with confessions-the subject matter that is discussed between the priest and the sinner. Who can the priest truly talk to? The effect it has on their world.
  3. Working as a spokesperson or front person for a corporate business. How often are you putting your job or reputation on the line in a work week?
  4. Hearing voices? Who decides if an individual is criminally sane or insane? Dealing with the repercussions of being wrong. Do the system players know the outcome before any decision?
  5. Is our freedom of speech being slowly taken away? What is the real difference between what the government is doing and communism? Was there really ever a true difference to begin with?
  6. The news media and their power of what the world sees. How much truth is there in a days’ worth of news? Are we as a Nation being led by the nose?
  7. The relationship between law enforcement and the public. Will there ever be respect from either side? Are officers really mentally strong enough to work the streets twenty years without looking through the wrong lens?
  8. Where do televangelists come from? Using the world of religion to empty the pockets of the old and confused.
  9. Celebrities and their influence on the public. Are they given too much power with their words? Having no repercussions for the things they say and do. The lengths fans will go to be like them.
  10. Positions in the workplace. Why do management think that the title is the person? Is there too much animosity between employee and employer in a business of the cutthroat nature?

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