A List Of Inspiring Dissertation Topics In Marketing

The marketing industry has changed considerably in the past decade or two, largely as a result of changes in technology. For example, the way in which people consume television has changed considerably, largely as a result of the Internet. For example, it is now possible to quickly and easily record and skip through live television. Whilst people might have recorded things in the past, the ease with which people can do in these days means that more and more people are watching things as and when they want to. However, this means that there are reduced opportunities for advertisers, as people can fast-forward through the commercials.

Alternatively, the Internet itself has provided companies with many different ways to advertise. In fact, with various social media websites, it is possible to gain an understanding of what individuals might like, so as to target adverts directly towards them.

With so many changes in the marketing world, it is possible to come up with some really inspiring topics to write about. In fact, as well as talking about some of the latest changes, you may wish to write a compare and contrast paper, in which you examine marketing techniques of the 21st century, compared to some time in the past.

To give you some ideas of the kind of topics that you can write about for a dissertation, the following outlines very suggestions.

  • In relation to customer loyalty, what is relationship marketing, and how can it help businesses to prosper?
  • How can businesses use branding campaigns in order to stand out in homogenous markets?
  • Outline and discuss the use of societal marketing, and how companies can provide a good image of the goods and services that they provide
  • Discuss the concept of herd behavior, and how businesses can take advantage of the mutual behavior of customers
  • Discuss the various marketing research methods that are available to various businesses, and how companies can choose methods that are suited to their needs
  • To what extent will businesses rely on television and radio marketing campaigns in the future? What impact has the Internet had on the marketing industry?
  • Describe the way in which marketing campaigns are increasingly being targeted specifically at individuals, with reference to the Internet and other technology
  • Discuss the term holistic marketing, and how it applies to modern-day businesses
  • What can cause marketing campaigns to fail, and how can businesses minimize the risks of unsuccessful campaigns?

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