What Is The Proper Format For An Undergraduate Dissertation?

For undergraduates, the idea of writing a dissertation can sound difficult and very involving. The work is involving, but not difficult at all if you know the format to follow in the dissertation. Therefore, for any undergraduate students that is about to begin formulating a thesis, the format is as follows:

  1. Research proposal
  2. In this section you state what you intend to do, outline how you want to go about what you’ve said and what you expect to accomplish at the end of it all. However, this section is restricted only to recommendation by the professor. If not recommended, it should not be written.

  3. Title
  4. This is the beginning of your presentation. It should have the following:

    • The title of your dissertation
    • Your full name and education information
    • A statement of the course for which you base your research
    • Learning institution
    • Date of submission
    • Name of the supervisor you had in your work
  5. Abstract
  6. This is a brief explanation of all your work in one paragraph. The abstract should contain the following information:

    • The research you’ve done and why you did it
    • The methods you used
    • The results and conclusion
  7. Acknowledgment
  8. This part entails you mentioning the people that assisted you in the work. It can contain colleagues, lecturers, librarians and other parties.

  9. Introduction
  10. This is the section in which you begin to showcase your work. It’s a very vital part and should be taken seriously. This section showcases your command of the language and grammar that pertains to this field. It should also grasp the attention of the reader too.

  11. Literature review
  12. In your work you need to mention past investigations into what you have investigated as well. Try to list in a chronological order of summary of the articles that are related to your work done by different people.

  13. Methodology
  14. You obviously used some means to collect data for your thesis investigation. You need to list all your methods and reasons why you used the methods.

  15. Results and discuss
  16. After your research you found out something. In this segment, you discuss all your findings.

  17. Conclusion
  18. After all the above, you combine all the data and results and come up with one convincing thought about the whole exercise and what your opinion is.

  19. Bibliography
  20. This is where you cite all your sources for the data you found.

  21. Appendices
  22. This is the last section and in it you mention the data collection tools you used in numbered format.


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