23 Interesting Undergraduate Dissertation Topic Ideas On Education

Education is a broad subject and trying to think of a specific topic to write about for your dissertation can be daunting. With careful planning and research, you can craft an informative and concise essay that addresses a particular topic in a way that is interesting for the reader. The content of your paper could also provide some practical advice for teachers, parents and students.

Here are 23 topics that you may want to consider for your undergraduate dissertation on education:

  1. Historical approaches to education – you may want to select a particular decade or time in history and write about how children were educated during that time.
  2. Alternative approaches to education – the Montessori method of education, Waldorf schools, distance education for remote communities.
  3. Education in different countries and cultures – some countries have different approaches and attitudes towards education which can be interesting to explore.
  4. Religious education in schools – how has this changed in recent times. You could discuss changing attitudes towards prayer and Bible study in schools or the role of chaplains in schools.
  5. How to work with a child with ADHD
  6. Homeschooling – what educational requirements do homeschooled students have to meet? Perhaps explore the statistics of college entrants who have been home schooled. Homeschooling among religious communities. Reasons parents decide to home school. You may want to explore the fact that home-schooling is now illegal in some countries, for example, Germany.
  7. The history of the education system in the U.S.
  8. Early childhood education – when is a good time to begin educating your child?
  9. How to work with a child with autism
  10. How to work with a child with Dyslexia
  11. The mature age student – advantages and disadvantages of returning to school as a mature adult.
  12. Alternatives to high school - community college, apprenticeships, traineeships
  13. How important is a University education in following your desired career path?
  14. Public schools and private schools
  15. Education for the culturally and linguistically diverse community
  16. The role of technology in education
  17. The use of multimedia in education
  18. Gender specific educational institutions – advantages and disadvantages
  19. The importance of the student-teacher relationship
  20. Classroom management
  21. Management of difficult behaviours in the classroom – a guide for teachers
  22. Stress levels in students
  23. The role of parents in education

These undergraduate dissertation topics are a good place to start. Perhaps these ideas will even spark your imagination!


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