A List Of Interesting College Dissertation Topics On Graphic Design

Do you have to write a dissertation on graphic design? Are you confused on where to start? Graphic design is a

wide open field full of interesting topics to research and work with. It is important to understand exactly what part of graphic design you are interested in and grow your idea from there. This type of paper should be informative and should showcase the skills gained through your studies. Focus on a skill you believe to be the best you have to offer and a topic you are knowledgeable about.

Still not sure where to begin? There are hundreds of topics available to you. As a jumping off point, here are some examples:

  • Typography
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography

These topics range in difficulty and skill sets. Typography is a field that studies type and the fonts used in advertising. Why do designers use certain fonts to create a certain emotion for a piece? Speaking of advertising, this topic is wide open as well. From commercials on the television to billboards on the highway, advertising is everywhere. Why do graphic designers use a certain media for their advertising instead of another? Marketing as a topic can showcase your skills in both small business and big business. Perhaps you are interested in owning a business of your own. Your dissertation can focus on your design strategy. Digital marketing has opened up a whole new world for graphic designers all over the world. Digital marketing encompasses the World Wide Web and the links, typography, web design and social media marketing strategies that are used to create the web we use today. This field is growing and will capture the attention of your reader as a newly developing field. Finally, photography is an important part of graphic design and is used in almost every aspect. Photography has many fields including digital photography and product photography. Photography is a blooming technology and can be used as a great starting off point for your dissertation.

Whatever you choose, it is important that you use what you know. Use the topics you are most knowledgeable about. Create something out of something else. Use your skills to showcase your talent and shine with your writing. Graphic design is all about creativity. This creativity can be used to create a beautifully written dissertation that will take you to new heights in your career.


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