Top 25 Strong Dissertation Topics To Discover

Dissertation Topic in Social Science

Social science is a cluster of multiple disciplines and each of them studies human aspects through scientific methods. Areas like – Anthropology, Communication, Criminology, Cultural studies, Economics, Education, Environment, History, Human geography, Law, Media, Sociology, and Politics are some of the popular disciplines here. Choosing a strong dissertation topic in Social Science –depending upon your subject, will score you may brownie points.

Below Top 25 Dissertation Topics Are Listed For Social Science Subjects

  1. How a new land influenced the social customs of Bengali immigrants in London : An Anthropological Study
  2. Same-sex Relationship in Islamist Civilizations : A Middle-East Case Study
  3. How Facebook has changed the language of communication of the age group between 50-70.
  4. The more we are connected, the more we feel alienated: A communication case study.
  5. Should the prisoners be also given voting rights? An analysis of Criminology
  6. Crimes against South-East Asian students in London : A case study including London’s at least two biggest institutions
  7. The increasing suicide rates among Indian women between 15-35: A case for cultural studies.
  8. How ‘one child’ rule in China has changed its societal dynamics?
  9. The popularity of Chinese products in India: An Economical point-of-view.
  10. Wall Street controls the world economy thus the latter’s fall also depends upon the former: An Economical case-study.
  11. Should autistic children be taught in autism-friendly environment? - An Education case-study.
  12. Road-map of training for South-East Asian professionals in UK’s health sector.
  13. How food waste can be reduced in fine dining restaurants : A study of Environment
  14. Recycling in rural Bengal in India
  15. The immigration of Indian Diaspora in Africa : A 19th century case study of History
  16. The changing class of urban society in London post industrialization
  17. The development of Kolkata geographically as the capital of British India : A geographical case study
  18. The use and mis-use of 498(A) law in Indian context
  19. The role of music therapy among terminally-ill patients: A psychological point-of-view.
  20. Does the social welfare allowances in USA infantilize adults to some extent : A sociological analysis
  21. The role of social worker in India’s women empowerment in rural UP : A social work case study
  22. How prejudice against Muslims is changing the society of France : A social psychology dynamic
  23. The responsibility of media in case of sports journalism in UK
  24. Analysis the role of USA behind turmoil in Afghanistan from 1980-2000- A study of Politics
  25. Changing linguistics in Scotland and Ireland in the 20th century.

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