A List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics On Media And Communication

Ideally a dissertation should be written in an area that you are familiar and comfortable in as well as one where you can easily access information. Media and communication are a vast area with a wide array of topics that a student can base their dissertation on. From social media, advertising, media law, new practices in journalism to privacy, the student has a whole world of topics to choose from. The key thing is to keep it precise so that there is a logical flow of ideas and concepts. You do not want to come up with a topic that will be hard for you and your assessors to understand. In addition, a student should also work with their mentor or professor when choosing a topic as their experience will be of great help in narrowing down the topic.

Based on key areas in media and communication, possible topics for a dissertation would include:

  • Social media accounts are increasingly being hacked and used to propagate pornography. Is government regulation a viable solution?
  • The government’s monitoring of e-mail communication has been validated by the threat of terrorism. Is this an effective measure against terrorism?
  • CNN has been accused of fronting a biased Western agenda rather than objective news on terrorism, is this a valid accusation?
  • Is the news today propagating a regional agenda? A case study of Al Jazeera.
  • Media has been accused of adulterating the culture of developing nations. A case study of the growth of the gay movement in South Africa.
  • The reliance on social media has adversely impaired the socialisation of Generation Z. A case study of the social habits of first year X university students.
  • Social media has advanced the recruitment of terrorists from the West, is this a valid claim? A case study of U.S terrorist attacks.
  • Has the media coverage of terrorism made us the most cowardly generation to have ever walked the earth? An in-depth study of political correctness in America.
  • Social media sites have watched as terrorists recruit and communicate on their platforms. A case study of Facebook and its responsibility to protect lives.

As seen from the examples above, the dissertation topics in media and communication can be drawn from what is happening currently in the news and social media. With terrorism, Western politics, Middle Eastern politics and major media stations from these regions, a student can identify and research virtually any topic on the news of the day.


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