Everything You Should Know About The Dissertation Title Page Format

When you write a dissertation, you come to know that there are a few things you cannot complete by singing songs. It extracts all your living energy and there are spaces where you hanker after random inspiration.

Need to be precise

In this light, the title page format seems a child’s play. Nevertheless you have to be precise and compact with it or your whole effect may come to no avail. Here is the systematic format of the title page.

  • The title should effectively not be more than 12 words. It appears in all caps in the running head with the page number at its right.
  • You then move to the middle of the page where you write the mini Miranda. You should mention that the dissertation is a partial fulfillment to your strife to become a doctorate in a chosen subject. You should also mention the program and the institutional affiliation.
  • The footer should have your name along with the year and month. All these have to be centrally aligned. The font size is 12 pts Times New Roman and there should be double spacing.

Remain disciplined

You need to mention even the title page in the index page. Actually, it is a rather uncomplicated page which can also be copied from the papers of fellow students. What it shows is your proclivity towards discipline; something that the research paper stands for.

You need to remember that the title page is just the beginning of a long road ahead. You will have to really labor it out for the Methodology and Analysis. You also have to devote much time to the reference page while formatting the paper. Proper formatting gives an impression that you have not resorted to plagiarism.

Imbibe the discipline

You should imbibe the directives of format style you have adopted so you don’t err while working on it for your paper. This includes your title page. Different format styles do have changes in their aptitude and so you require a thorough rundown.

Actually, the concluding pages, in a way, reflect the beginning. The appendix page is also a tertiary affair like the title page. These pages however have to be sealed with complete diligence or the impression will fade away sooner rather than later.

For the uninitiated; opinionated subjects merge well with APAS format while exact science gels emphatically with MLA format. This way you know what you are playing at.


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