Professional Advice On Dissertation Defense: How To Make An Outstanding Presentation?

If and when you go to a court, you will find that the harder job is that of the defense attorney; not the prosecution one. When you defend something, you automatically start at the back-foot. There is one huge advantage though; you cannot go any further back and the only way is forward.

Start at the back

Now, dissertation is a set of theses on which you have conviction and you have the task to convince the readers and instructors and readers as well. There may be astute questions evident in the Introduction, Background; Methodology and Conclusion section.

The choice of options

You may have taken a particular route or made a particular inference, completely overlooking a more plausible alternative. Now that you have submitted your dissertation, it is your job to defend your status and choice. The defense will cover all critical junctures where you could have taken alternative routes. Here is the way to go

  • Professionals suggest that you should hone your speaking ability and presentation capacity, without which you will lose half the case. You have to be succinct, energetic and convincing in your diction so that listeners don’t lose interest.
  • You have to create dissertation slides that are not over-burdened; it is a put-off. You should present them in bold fonts with nude background. Black or blue on white makes a special visual. You should go from subjective to objective, not wasting much time in coming to your defense.
  • You should jot down emphatic points of your dissertation and suggest how it will open the world to a new perspective and offer a new solution. You should make clear how the other alternatives were not feasible or too much time-consuming.
  • You should bring listeners to the energizing points of your dissertation; the critical junctures and how you captivated the essence of the topical theme in your own humble endeavors. Do not be too modest; suggest the goods where you have delivered them.
  • Make sure you present one mistake you committed; but it should be rather elementary. It may be in the choice of a sub-theses or something of that mode. This acceptance would make your dissertation defense more human.

Once you are finished, ask listeners to pose questions to you on the theme. This will connect you directly with the readers. You should of course be well-read on the theme to negotiate the situation well. Present your defense with passion and acuity; that will seal the deal.


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