The Top 25 Excellent Dissertation Topic Ideas On The History Of USA

When you are approaching a topic such as the history of the USA, there are many ideas to choose from for your dissertation paper. The only question is, how to begin choosing which one would be the best for you? First of all, identify which area you have the most interest in. You will want a topic you can inject a lot of passion, time, energy and influence in. However, if you are forced to choose a topic that is not much interesting to you, you can buy dissertation online and avoid struggling with writing.

When you look at the following list of ideas, remember you need to take the idea and make it unique, make it your own. This is just a starting place. Your topic should be a reflection of your interests and something you want to use as the crowning jewel of your academic career – your dissertation.

  1. The politics of public health and welfare in the United States, 1980-2010: Preparing for epidemics in the era of chronic illness.
  2. Native American religions and their relationship to the state of the environment.
  3. What were the possible causes of the Salem witch trials?
  4. What were the causes and ramifications of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?
  5. What was the impact of the cotton gin on the American economy and the effect on slave labor on southern plantations?
  6. Was the Mexican war provoked by the U.S.? What were the causes and effects?
  7. Why did the Mormon settlers encounter opposition in Illinois? What was the impact of their migration to Utah on western development and American society as a whole?
  8. The United States Abolitionist movement: What impact did it have on tension that lead to the Civil War? Who were the key leaders?
  9. John Brown’s raid on harper’s ferry: what were the causes and effects?
  10. Why was the Indian removal act passed?
  11. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the two sides in the Civil War?
  12. How were African Americans affected by reconstruction policies after the Civil War?
  13. Social, economic and legal factors surrounding the return of white supremacy after the Civil War?
  14. What were the causes and effects of the Springfield Race Riot of 1908?
  15. What prompted the protest of the Bonus Army?
  16. What were the causes and effects and events leading up to the Harlem Renaissance?
  17. How did the Mississippi River flood in 1927 affect farmers and racial issues in the South? What did the government respond with?
  18. What were the causes and effects of the 1930s Dust Bowl?
  19. Significance of the Battle of Midway in World War II
  20. What was the cause of McCarthyism and the resulting effects?
  21. Impact of the Baby Boom on American society.
  22. What effect did the U-2 incident have on U.S. - Soviet relations?
  23. What methods of secrecy were used in the Manhattan Project?
  24. Who was really responsible for the assassination of JFK?
  25. Choose a key person in American history.
  26. Choose a key event in American history.

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