A Step-By-Step Guide For Writing A Doctoral Thesis In Cinema Studies

When someone is doing a PHD, it is an extremely difficult job. The person needs to study the subject selected of doctoral in extreme detail. One of the most important parts of the PHD is the thesis. It is like writing down the research the person has done and proving something with logic and facts. Here is a step by step guide which would help you a lot I writing your doctoral thesis.

Brain Storming:

First of all for writing a thesis the person needs to brainstorm a lot. In this way the necessary information needed for continuing the process of writing could be collected along with selecting the details about the topic which is an extremely necessary step. The person needs to brainstorm everything related with the cinema history, present and future.

The next part:

The second part of the procedure is to start writing the PHD thesis. The start needs to be eye catching and impressive so that the readers are curious about what’s coming next and attracted towards reading the complete document. If your writing has a good start it would obviously increase the chances that you would get the favor by the readers.

Collecting the facts and figures;

One of the most important parts of a doctoral is the facts and figures used in it to prove a point. The facts and figures need to be from reliable sources and they need to be up to date. Instead of quoting something from the past, try to look for the newer facts and figures. You would have to get under the skin of many people to get the facts right If you are writing about a sensitive issue relating to cinema, but you need to carry on.


You need to know about the pattern of a thesis. It is not difficult to get to know it if you already don’t know it. You just need to visit some online library and it would have already written stuff in a great number. In this way you would be able to study a number of writings written by different students and you could get to know the pattern that is perfect for you.


You need to cite your information properly and tell the readers where did the information came from on which you are basing your idea? You need to tell them each and every thing in detail.


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