How To Compose An Introduction For Your Master's Dissertation

The dissertation is the last hurdle for most scholars pursuing their degrees and it can be a huge one. Getting stuck trying to complete your thesis can be a disaster and you must seek much assistance as you can with this project. Failure and having to repeat another year is wasteful in many ways.

When writing any paper, the introduction plays a significant role and its construction should not be taken lightly. Many examiners will browse through an introduction and decide there and then on the grade. To increase your chances of success, place every effort in making your introduction an excellent one. The following point will provide you with some ideas to help you with your master’s dissertation introduction:

  1. State your hypothesis
  2. By now you should have already selected a good title and you must use this title formulate a hypothesis. This statement is an assumption about the topic of interest, which allows you to test the features of this item to find out if the results match your assumption. Be bold with your hypothesis but also ensure that you can devise practical methods of testing it.

  3. Describe you intentions and methodology
  4. After stating your hypothesis, you should also try to explain to the readers exactly how you intend to go about testing it. Do not go into many details and you are likely able to state your entire course of action by using a broad definition for the methods you intend to use.

  5. Explain why you selected this particular topic for research
  6. When there is deeper meaning behind research, people are more interested in the implications of the study. Show your readers why this particular research is important by showing how it can affect their lives.

  7. State the significance of this study to education
  8. The purpose of research is the advancement of education and this should always be your primary focus, try to identify the reasons why this particular study should be of concern to academics.

  9. Touch on your most significant piece of evidence to support your hypothesis
  10. Your introduction should contain information concerning interesting elements from your paper and you should make short mention of these ideas. Be brief, provide just enough information so readers can get an idea of whats contained in your paper without having to read to deeply.

  11. Make mention of information to come in your paper.
  12. You can end your first section by hinting at interesting information to come in your paper, encouraging readers to continue reading.


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