List Of 15 Unique Dissertation Ideas For Veterinary Nurses

If you are a veterinary nurse, and you need help writing your dissertation, you’ve come to the right place. Following is a list of 15 great ideas for basing your thesis off of.

Great dissertation ideas:

  1. How to deal with violent owners – An essay on the veterinary nurse’s role in preventing animal abuse by their owners.
  2. Orthopaedic surgery – Rehabilitation for the animals after they have undergone surgery.
  3. Duties of veterinary nurses – What responsibilities do you cover in the course of your work, and how do they affect you?
  4. Qualities of veterinary nurses – What qualities do you have or have you seen in other nurses that contribute towards being an excellent veterinary nurse? Which qualities would you like to possess that you feel would come in handy in your line of work?
  5. Working conditions – Write your essay on what the working conditions are like and how much of a role they play in choosing a career as a veterinary nurse.
  6. Graduate veterinary nursing – Research and explore its history and evolution over the years. This may be something that you will study during the term.
  7. Improvements in veterinary nursing – Do some homework on how working conditions could improve to increase the nurse’s performance. This is your opportunity to make things better for your co-workers and yourself.
  8. The role of gender in nursing – Have you found your gender to either increase your chances of furthering your career, or impede it? Have you found owners of animals to prefer either gender? Gender is always a good subject for a thesis.
  9. Approaches to veterinary nursing – Research how different countries approach and deal with veterinary nursing as well as the conditions nurses may have to deal with in those countries.
  10. Job competition – How easy is it to get a job as a veterinary nurse and what issues do you face in job competition? This does not require a lot of homework or research, as it is something you can write about from personal experience.
  11. Changes in veterinary nursing – What changes do you look forward to bringing about during your term as a nurse? What changes would you like to see happen?
  12. Experience vs. natural talent – How do you feel these measure up against each other and is one more important than the other in your career as a veterinary nurse?
  13. Charity work – What is its role and how much of an impact does it actually have on the nursing of injured animals?
  14. Research and teaching vs. Hands-on nursing – Which would you prefer to be involved in and why?
  15. Dealing with abused animals – What is the role of the veterinary nurse in dealing with the emotional impact of abuse on animals? Are there any ways it can be improved?

Writing a dissertation can be tough, but if you have a passion for the subject, it will be much easier for you. If you find yourself lacking in time, use the services of a freelance writer. This list of ideas is a fantastic springboard for you to base your thesis on, but a freelance writer can help make it even easier for you. You have a great future ahead of you if you love what you do.


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