Sample Dissertation Titles: 30 Great Suggestions To Consider

When writing your dissertation, it can be difficult coming up with ideas to research and write about. Below, we have come up with 30 great title suggestions from various areas of research for you to consider.

  1. Exploring the connection between space-time and the possibility of time travel.
  2. How animals communicate emotional distress.
  3. Exploring the benefits of a big social network.
  4. Online savvy or brain fried? How technology is changing our neurological patterns.
  5. Marketing in a world of sensory overload: exploring the effectiveness of advertising in the face of rising competition in the marketing world.
  6. Photoshop my selfie! How mass advertising and social media has changed the way we see ourselves.
  7. The economics of legalizing marijuana.
  8. Social injustice and racial profiling in law enforcement and businesses.
  9. Rain, rain go away! Soil erosion in cornfields.
  10. Exploring the relevance of religion in our diverse world today.
  11. Understanding the multi-lingual mind: an in depth analysis of how speaking many languages affects perception.
  12. Group think: how group isolation from mainstream society influences individual development.
  13. Exploring the connection between egotism and personal financial wealth.
  14. Suicide, anxiety and depression rate among minority first-generation students by race.
  15. How technology can aid people suffering from Alzheimer's.
  16. Research methods on how to maximize efficiency in the workplace.
  17. How have views on human sexuality changed with the recent mass acceptance of the LGBTQ community and alternative forms of sexual relationships.
  18. Explore the costs and benefits of the China Pakistan Economic corridor project.
  19. As China’s demand for Australia’s minerals slows down, what next for the Southern Hemisphere economic giant?
  20. Explore the benefits of green energy for the ecology of our planet.
  21. What does it take to make it in Silicon Valley? Case studies of the biggest tech giants.
  22. If you are going to fail, fail fast and move on. The new mantra of Silicon Valley startups. Explore its merits.
  23. How can the rest of the world’s tech companies compete against Google’s domination of the search market?
  24. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what can search companies do to prevent SEO from diluting true search results?
  25. Explore the conservation efforts to preserve the Himalayan White Leopard.
  26. Is the concept of the five senses accurate? Do humans have many more senses?
  27. The future of the music industry is in online streaming? Explore.
  28. Do politicians actually do anything worthwhile or are they inherently all about re-election?
  29. How can we persuade countries to spend more on health and education and less on weaponry?
  30. The gender pay gap; a country-wise study.

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