Forming A Dissertation Title: A Quick Tutorial

When you come across a book, videogame, film or any other published work, the first thing that you usually look at is the title. This means that this is what distinguishes one published work from the other. With a good title, it is possible to influence people’s decisions. If you have a strong and catchy title, you will get the sense that the book or film is worth reading. You can think the think of the title as the summary of the entire work.

How this applies in dissertations

A dissertation is a type of academic writing. While it may not need to have such as title, a strong title will make it easy for people to find your work in future. When writing an essay, you probably found yourself leaning towards the titles that were informative and eye-catching. This also applies to future researchers who are writing in the same area as you. With a good dissertation title, it is possible to give an early indicator of the depth and breath of the research that you are undertaking. A strong introduction will draw readers to the text and will make them to feel more inclined to move along with your arguments and this applies to the title too.

How tow write your title

After writing your proposal, your first step should be to find a working title for your work. This will enable you to remain flexible in your research, while at the same time staying focused on a more specific subject. You can start with a very broad subject before you shift focus as you continue with the research and find a more specific area which you intend to explore.

The finished title

The difference between a working and a final title is in what they are used for. The working tile ensures that you stay focused and gain the interest of your peers while writing. After finishing the dissertation, you will not need a title to remain focused. Therefore, you can now create something that is catchy. However, you must ensure that some aspects of your working title remains involved.

When researching for your dissertation, you might find out that some of the texts and articles that you read don’t answer all your questions. You many even find gaps in your current debate for the subject. This is why it is always a good idea to include an aspect of this in the working title which you can later transfer to the finished title.

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