A List Of Potential American History Dissertation Topics

The history of America is what makes the land the legend it is today. Right from the day the first Apaches set foot on the land to the day when Christopher Columbus arrived there and to the most recent incidents like September 11. Despite all that the country has been through, the people have never given up hope on the nation. So what should you choose when looking for a decent dissertation topic on the history of America? There are a lot of topics that might be of interest to the reader, but you must make an effort to choose a topic that interests you.

If you are comfortable with the idea of looking at history through the glasses of a historian, you may as well take cue from some of the brilliant papers and books published and complied till date. Albeit there is a lot of work that you can refer to, choosing a topic of your own interest ensures that there is that much more character in the paper.

You may expect a general project given these days to be on American history. Ample of topics are there on which write-up can be written .Following are a list of potential American history dissertation topics:

  • Gnaeus Julius Agricola’s military leadership in Northern Britain and its efficiency?
  • Roman’s achievements in North Britain and its reality check.
  • Rome’s mode of controlling North Britain and its skillfulness.
  • Was North Britain ever being conquered by Romans?
  • Which of the invasion by Roman in North Britain was of major success?
  • The vital factors that were mostly influencing the conversion of North Britain’s Pagan to Sun Roman era’s Christianity.
  • The important personality that brought a distinguished transformation of Ninian, Columbia or North Britain?
  • The ultimate results during the notable event in North Britain in context to the conversion to Christianity of North Britain.
  • Reasons for the delay in converting the religion to Christianity by the people of North Britain
  • The rate of extent for representation of warrior values of Pictish symbol stones.
  • The value and significance of symbol stones and its importance in contemporary Pictish society.
  • Challenging scenario faced by Picts due to the Scots.
  • Distinctive features of Pictish society in comparison to other societies prevailing in North Britain in the era of Sub Roman.
  • How the Vikings got attracted to North Britain and the major factors that explain this fact.
  • How Viking invasions distinctively affected Northern Britain?
  • Destructive impact of Vikings towards Northern Britain.
  • What major social consequences did Northern Britain faced due to the Viking invasions?

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