A List Of 15 Up-To-Date Dissertation Ideas In International Politics

Important political developments occur every day worldwide that have a profound impact on our lives. It is absolutely vital to choose the right topic for your dissertation from the most significant current topics that have far reaching effects. There are prominent political issues in the World today that can be chosen as a subject of dissertation. Here is the list of the raging political issues of the world:

  1. North Korea's submarine Missile Test and U.N.O
  2. The launch is seen as an outright violation of UN sanctions and makes the country more of a threat to world peace.

  3. Does a growing global youth population fuel political unrest
  4. Youth people under 30 years of age are the majority in many countries in the Middle East and South America. This 'young Bulge' steeped in unemployment when brainwashed by religious fanatics cause irreversible damage to world economy.

  5. Contemporary Soviet politics
  6. Whether the current political situation in Soviet is pro or anti polarization is a topic of great international debate.

  7. Impact of separatist struggles in different nations on global world economies.
  8. This is the cause of great unrest not only in a country but has cyclical and far reaching repercussions on the world at large.

  9. Rising China disregarding neighbours
  10. An appraisal of its global impact can be made as it has scope of making international relations more strained and complicated.

  11. Climatic change, a decisive issue in International politics
  12. Efforts made by countries to improve and influence climate by minimizing environmental degradation and natural resource depletion are issues which are crucial in projecting a Nation's commitment to the needs of the next generation.

  13. The transformative power of large developing countries
  14. By 2030 the developing nations are projected to have a greater power status and are to play a larger and decisive role in international politics.

  15. Political sport: International Relations and rivalries
  16. Political factors are slowly and steadily entering the sports arena. Political dimensions though invisible have a profound impact.

  17. Third world countries and International Relations
  18. The 21st century is the age of globalization. Today the Third World Nations are a power to reckon with.

  19. China's stand on religious infiltration from abroad
  20. China is vehemently thwarting religious infiltration from abroad as a severe threat to its integrity and a propeller of violence. Banning the wearing of veils and beards in predominantly Muslim regions is a serious cause of conflict of interests.

  21. The future of Political Islam
  22. Is the war on terrorism a war on Islam? This question is one of the most widely debated topics of today.

  23. Brain Drain to Brain Circulation in Asia
  24. This is looked upon as a sensitive issue as a shift in the labour market has distorted education and career choices of students in Asia

  25. Oil and terror: Middle East economies
  26. Oil industry significantly impacts the entire world both through wealth generation and labour movement.

  27. Syria Crisis A warning to the world
  28. There is growing international support to Syria against the military intervention of U.S and its Allies and is having catastrophic consequences.

  29. Terrorism: A new threat in a changing Middle East
  30. In the rapidly changing world scenario of today there appear new permutations and combinations. The political science research scholar needs to take up a burning political issue as a topic for a successful dissertation.


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