Fresh Dissertation Topics In Nutrition: 20 Unique Examples

Writing a nutrition thesis is something that takes some time, but if you get off to the right start, you can easily complete it. If you have a topic that inspires you to do the research and find out more, your excitement will carry you through the assignment. It is definitely much easier to write something you are passionate about. Think of some of the reasons why you wanted to study nutrition in the first place, and what you hope to accomplish with this dissertation.

Topic ideas for nutrition dissertation

Here are some great ideas for md thesis topics that you can use. Try brainstorming other perspectives to get even more examples to try. If you are not sure, you can begin researching one of the below topics and see how you feel about what you learn.

  1. Vegans and vegetarians as a lifestyle
  2. Calculating quality of diet for low-income families
  3. How dieticians use diet screening tools for the elderly
  4. Children’s nutrition intake related to neurodevelopmental disorders
  5. School lunches: a profile on nutrition for kids
  6. Study on obesity in nutrition education
  7. Knowledge and attitudes regarding consumption of grains
  8. The connection between intelligence and body mass index among college students with eating disorders
  9. Food management and eating behaviours or low income adults
  10. Diet quality for those with celiac disease: gluten free living
  11. Emotional brain training and new approaches to weight loss
  12. Effects of nutritional education on college athletes
  13. Shopping habits at the farmer’s market
  14. Differences between states in obesity among the elderly
  15. Eating and exercising patterns among urban vs. rural people
  16. Decreased cholesterol absorption in children
  17. A study about enriched nutrition for youth schools
  18. Practices of food handling taught in low-income families to children
  19. Breakfast eating habits for youth living in suburban neighborhoods
  20. Effects of inhibitors to metabolism among premenopausal women

After you have chosen a topic, you can get started with the research and writing for your project. Talk to your friends or your professor about the topic if you want more help brainstorming or figuring out how to write about it. Usually picking the idea is one of the hardest parts, and after you get started, you will be able to use that momentum to carry you forward to completing the entire writing of your thesis.


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