12 Strong Topics For A Dissertation On Corporate Governance In The US

Corporate governance is the collective term for the laws, customs, institutions, and processes that determine the way a corporate entity is directed towards. The term also encompasses the relationships between a corporate entity and its key stakeholders who might have an interest in which direction the entity is driven towards. There are both external and internal stakeholders who play a pivotal role in running a business entity. Corporate governance in the USA is a very good topic to select if you are studying business administration and management.

If you are asked to write a dissertation on corporate governance in the US, you may find 12 interesting topics towards the end of this blog. But before that, take a look at the basics to get the concept very well before you write.

What is corporate governance in the US?

Corporate governance is a multilayered system. An integral part of corporate governance is the individual labiality, which defines the delimitations of individual responsibility for any action or decision taken by the entity. Corporate governance also enhances economic efficiency of an organization, tries to eliminate the principal and agent problem and is a primary condition for stakeholder welfare.

Primary objectives of corporate governance

The objectives of corporate governance are to provide protection to all the stakeholders and employees, to ensure the exclusive right for establishing new entities across the USA, to encourage efficiency and competitiveness in the US market, to promote healthy competition and cooperation between business organizations operating in the US and to promote discussions on the amendment of corporate rules.

12 strong dissertation topics

Here are top 12 topics for you to choose:

  1. Corporate governance in south central US: Cases of companies in transition
  2. The control over corporate US
  3. Corporate governance and how it affects economic performance in the US
  4. A comparison of corporate governance and capital markets in the US, EU and Japan
  5. Changing dynamics of corporate governance: The case of the USA
  6. Corporate governance and markets: perspectives from the USA
  7. The place of strategic corporate governance in the US economy
  8. Corporate governance and dividend policy
  9. Differences between corporate governance in the US and in the EU
  10. The role of auditor and regulator in corporate governance
  11. Corporate governance and investor protection: case studies of US based firms
  12. Corporate governance and corporate ethics

If you want more suggestions, you can go to your college library for further reading.


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