General Instructions For Writing A Geology Dissertation Proposal

Geology is the study of rocks, their formation and they impact on the earth’s structure. Over the years, a lot of money has always been directed to the scientific study of how the earth was formed as well as how the continuous extrusion or intrusion of sedimentary as well as igneous rocks continue to have an impact on the mineral composition beneath the earth’s surface. To someone who is yet to come to terms with how much of the rocks we know today have always played an integral part in formation as well as posterity of life forms, it is imperative to take into account the need for deeper and better understanding. It takes little effort to go out to some geological museum and study rocks. However, this is never enough if you are aspiring to be a scholarly researcher in this field. You must be very good in theoretical part of it and also be able to craft a good piece. In totality, good understanding and good writing skills are what will see you edge your way smoothly into the world of geology.

At some point in your academic life, it becomes inescapable to do a dissertation proposal that will either grant you an opportunity for field geological study or disqualify you from getting into a world of professional geological practise for good. In as much as you will be looking into what it takes to craft a masterpiece, a look at instructions issued by a number of experts is something you should never ignore. A proposal for a dissertation is a must write and you must therefore look out for the best instructions on how to go about this. This post gets you started by some few tips hereafter.

Work on a good topic

A good topic is the mainstay of any academic paper, a research proposal or the study itself. On this premise, it is always advised to lay a special emphasis on the need for a title that is unique, creative and has the ability to bring out a problem solving discovery at the end of the study or writing. A lot has been done on geology but it takes review of samples to come up with something worth giving good credit.

Comprehensive review of literature

Because literature review of your proposal will give insights into your research skills, it should be rigorous and with proper citations.


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