Top 5 Places To Look For A Good Law Dissertation Proposal Sample

The law is a complicated subject with plenty of details to keep in mind. The field of study is vast, so choosing a manageable topic idea for your dissertation is vital. It is recommended that you start your writing process from composing a comprehensive proposal. So, you will demonstrate to your academic advisor and committee members that you understand what should be done and ready to work hard to fulfill all the requirements.

What a Typical Dissertation Proposal Should Look Like

It is important to mention that every educational institution has its own requirements on how to write a law dissertation proposal and format it, so you should get a set of rules from your professor and study them carefully. However, there is a typical document structure that includes the following elements.

First, you should formulate your topic idea and clearly state the subject of your paper. Second, try to provide a complete list of questions that you are going to address. Third, describe the research methods that you are going to use. Fourth, explain what outcomes you hope to get. Fifth, compose a list of key literature sources that will help you answer your research questions.

Where to Find a Well-Written Law Dissertation Proposal Example

Having a well-written example will help you complete your proposal quickly. To find a top-quality document, you should check the following 5 places:

  1. Materials of the law department.
  2. On the website of your department, you can find a collection of useful materials, including examples of academic papers, dissertation writing manuals, and top-quality papers written by fellow students that can be used as samples.

  3. Collections of writing centers.
  4. You can either visit the writing center at your school or find a website of a writing center of another academic institution. There, you will find proposal templates, sample papers written by students, and useful academic writing tips.

  5. Resources of libraries.
  6. Both your local and your school’s libraries provide collections of educational materials worth checking. You can ask a librarian to help you find a law section with examples of assignments.

  7. A blog of a professional writer.
  8. Professional writers often share their works on the Web. Use your search engine to find a writer who specializes in law. Keep in mind that you can also ask for a free inquiry if you cannot find what you need on the website.

  9. An online community of law professionals.
  10. It is a good idea to search for an online community of professional lawyers and ask for some assistance. Usually, professionals answer student questions on forums. There, they also share useful resources on different topics and results of current research.


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