15 Examples Of Great Dissertation Topics In Typography

Typography is the technique of arranging type to make communication in written language effective. Some experts call it the art of choosing the right fonts, line lengths, point size, and other attributes of written letters. In general, the subject studies arrangement, style, and appearance of the letters, as well as numbers and symbols. So, if you have a dissertation in typography to complete, there is a wide range of topics to consider.

Choosing Your Dissertation Topic Wisely

When you have to choose a topic yourself, it often seems complicated. So, many students feel confused and cannot decide whether to pick something interesting to them or go with a topic that would impress their instructors. In truth, you will have more fun by choosing the idea that you hold a passion for but consult your professor if you have any doubts.

Either way, you need to ensure that your idea is specific and brings something new to the field. It’s recommended to avoid topics that have already been researched on. Your dissertation should address a particular problem and provide a solution to it so that you will make your paper useful for the target audience.

Sample Topics in Typography to Write About

Having a list of great sample dissertation topics is helpful because you can figure out what aspects to pay close attention to in your paper. So, study the carefully selected topics below to get inspired:

  1. History of typography in Eastern Europe: the evolution of Cyrillic types.
  2. The ceramic movable type invented in China in the 11th century.
  3. The Printing Revolution: the lead-based movable type developed by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century.
  4. The democratization of type in the late 1980s: new opportunities for designers.
  5. Creating typefaces digitally: the benefits of using commercial graphic design software.
  6. Unconventional typography: an artistic approach to the selection of typeface.
  7. The main techniques used in modern typography to help with graphic design.
  8. Manual letter design and application: calligraphy and handwriting.
  9. Mechanical creation of letter design: typesetting and typefaces.
  10. The role of color in typesetting.
  11. A problem of legibility: how to select the correct font to use.
  12. Improving text readability by using letter and word spacing.
  13. The style and appearance of printed matter as a form of advertising: how to reflect a company’s brand appropriately.
  14. The main activities and key achievements of the International Typography Association.
  15. The Times New Roman font: history, application, and design.

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