Creative Ideas For Your Dissertation About Funding Sources

As funding sources is a very vast field for exploration, it may be difficult to choose a dissertation topic that is narrow and specific enough to cover in one paper. If you are puzzled by the variety of possible issues for studying, get inspired by some already existing topics. This will help you make your decision quicker.

12 Inspiring Ideas on Funding Sources to Develop in Your Dissertation

When selecting a topic for your paper, it’s essential to pick a really suitable one from which a strong thesis can be derived. It’s better to concentrate on the hottest up-to-date issues that really make sense in today’s society. This may raise the practical use of your research significantly and make it interesting for a wider audience.

  1. An effect of fund size on a mutual fund performance.
  2. Main peculiarities of a family office venture capital.
  3. The consequences of a credit crisis in the financial market.
  4. A comparative analysis of the main grant systems for students.
  5. Most influential American long-term funding institutions for dissertation research.
  6. Key factors leading to investment in mutual funds.
  7. Corporate venture capital vs. private venture capital in different industries.
  8. The best modern funding sources for start-ups.
  9. How does an international student exchange programs influence the economy of the US?
  10. A role of Internet technologies in foreign direct investment.
  11. Pros and cons of credit cards.
  12. Comparing the investing costs and returns in mutual funds.

Important Tips to Remember While Choosing a Dissertation Topic

  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • As many generations of students and scientists have walked this path before, you’d better check the relevant data thoroughly to make sure nobody has performed a similar research earlier. Moreover, getting inspired by the existing topics is good, but only when using them as a thought-provoking source that will help you generate your own one.

  • Mind proper presentation.
  • First of all, you will have to convince the board to approve your topic so it should be obviously interesting and worth studying. Secondly, it must imply a valuable practical use and clear directions for further studies in this field. Pay attention both to the contents of a chosen topic and the way it’s expressed in words. Your language should be as clear as possible.

  • Stick to your own academic interests.
  • The topic you pick can be up-to-date, interesting, and extremely useful, but it means nothing if you yourself aren’t excited about it.


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