How To Compose A Powerful Conclusion For A Dissertation

Conclusion provides a clear and crisp picture of the entire dissertation. Many times readers first go through the conclusion to decide for the content; hence it must sound really interesting. A monotonous summary will never ever catch the reader’s attention. Hence it is utmost important that you pay due attention to the following points

  1. Write the significance of the chosen topic in the research paper. Point out the gaps that you have not covered in your thesis. It can become an interesting topic for future research for other students. Try to sort out the issues as a whole instead of dealing them paragraph by paragraph.
  2. The conclusion drawn should be in harmony with the drawn arguments. It should neither undersell nor oversell the points.
  3. Since this is the time you are closing your paper, it does not mean that you will only summarize all the arguments but ensure that the paragraph is valid too. Assimilate all the points together and draw the essence as a whole. Your thesis statement in introduction should be correlated with the conclusion to address the research problem.
  4. All the points that you have integrated should add strength to the paper. Make sure that there is strong link between all the arguments and the cited significance in the summary.
  5. The key terms, the hardcore concepts and the phrases used in the introduction and the entire body of the paper should introduce new insight. Do not merely restate the opinion in a flat footed form; instead articulate the introductory statement to develop the insight.
  6. The tone of the entire paper should be in harmony with the conclusion. It should be written in serious format. No anecdotes, no jokes.
  7. All the paragraphs should be summarized in general complementing the introduction. Here, the statements should be completely supportive with evidences and reasoning.
  8. Usually it is customary to raise questions so that areas of research can be highlighted. For a 20 pages dissertation, one or two sentence questions are asked.
  9. Ensure that no new information is revealed in this section. It will give a wrong signal and will only confuse and annoy the reader.
  10. Your writing skill should be impressive. Always trust on the second draft to produce your final result. Undergo many revisions and keep your writing integrated.
  11. Your conclusion should be limited to a paragraph only when writing 20 pages of dissertation. One well organized research paper will deliver an impressive rhetorical punch instead of three paragraph content.

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