Where To Buy A Dissertation And How Much To Pay For It

In our day and age, dissertations should not cause us sleepless nights wondering where to collect data, how to analyse it, literature reviews and so on. We live in a world where information is available and readily so. Dissertations are no different than any other thing we search for on the internet.

What to look for

There are several sites that a student can choose to purchase a dissertation from. These sites offer flexibility on:

    Time frame.
  • The number of pages.
  • Types of papers for high school, undergraduate, masters and doctoral papers.
  • Quality in terms of a standard document and a first class document.
  • Fees are depending on the above factors.
  • A simple web search will yield at least three of the top rated websites which will have four to five stars next to their names. These are the top rated sites offering quality and having a 24-hour helpline open to customers.

    Examples of offerings on five-star sites are as below:

    • One site allows a student to order a paper at the beginning of the day and get it at the end of it. The site has a team of dedicated and anonymous writers who will work with the instructions provided by the student. The students’ details are not shared with the writers, and thus privacy is assured. Fees range between $17 for a high school paper on one page in sixty days to as high as $3700 for a fifty-page doctoral document delivered in one day. Their helpline is open twenty-four hours a day.
    • Another top site offers to write dissertations, academic writing and even provide a list of possible topics for the undecided student. The site charges in pounds and the prices differ from a standard paper and a first class paper. For example, for a fifty-page first class document delivered in 5 days, the price charged is $790 while that for a standard one in the same period is $690. Telephone support is offered toll-free and at all hours of day and night.
    • Another reliable but unrated site offers first class and standard papers at varying prices. Its advantage is that the maximum time taken is ten days. Thus for a 50-page first class dissertation delivered in 10 days, a student can expect to pay $897.5. The site also offers free unlimited revision, bibliography, title page, formatting and delivery. A helpline is also available.

    Key things, therefore, to look for are the number of days it takes to deliver the paper, the price, range of topics covered and extras offered such as title page, table of contents and bibliography. It is thus possible to get your dissertation written in as short a time as possible, with the quality desired from these three sites and at the price that you will be comfortable with.


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